Problématiques possibles

Possible issues

Bad smells?
A well-managed vermicompost does not smell bad. The presence of bad odors is a fairly rare phenomenon related to a bad balance of the system (you add food faster than the worms eat it), in this case it is advisable to stop supplying waste to the vermicomposter for a week and to aerate by mixing the tank, and to bring carbonaceous material (cardboard).

The worms come out of the bin?
No worms will attempt to escape from your vermicomposter, even if it is not particularly waterproof, because worms are particularly afraid of light and need a humid environment to survive, breathing being done through their skin.

Presence of midges?
The presence of midges in your vermicomposter is certainly related to a too acidic pH of the medium, related to your waste. It is therefore necessary to bring more carbonaceous material (cardboard, paper), and finely crushed eggshells to reduce the acidity of the vermicomposter and eliminate midges that lay eggs in an acidic environment. The use of beneficial nematodes or the diatomaceous earth is also recommended.

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