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Welcome to our website! We are a small family business in Mirabel focused on vermicomposting. We produce red worms such as Eisenia Fetida as well as Eisenia Hortensis, ideal for composting residential organic waste. Our complete range of products will allow you to start your colony well. All the necessary products are on sale in our shop.

Combine your worm purchase with one of our composters to benefit from our 33% worm discount.

Our worms are carefully fed with surplus fruits and vegetables from local grocery stores and shredded cardboard. No commercial food is used. Our worms are very vigorous and hungry!

Indoor vermicomposting 365 days a year! Discreet and odorless!

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Reducing our ecological footprint

More than 60% of our household waste (including cardboard and paper) can be easily and effortlessly transformed into a rich, reusable compost in our garden or indoors.

An ecological approach!

Educational workshops

Comments from our customers

They were so easy to work with. I'd definitely recommand.

Gail Williams

Magnificent workshop given at our school, beautiful gesture for the promotion of a healthy environment and this, from childhood!

Katrine Jolie

I never thought I would have a vermicomposter at home one day, congratulations to the whole team for the great company!

Kelly Nelson