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Composting redworm Eisenia Fetida (Red Wigglers) ** IN STOCK **

Composting redworm Eisenia Fetida (Red Wigglers) ** IN STOCK **

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Composting red worm Eisenia Fetida (Red Wigglers)

Vermicomposting, also called vermicomposting, refers to the transformation of organic waste by worms. This is a natural, odorless aerobic process that is very different from conventional composting. Earthworms ingest organic waste and then excrete dark, odorless and fertile manure, as well as sludge granules rich in organic matter that are an excellent soil amendment. Worm manure is a ready-to-use fertilizer that can be applied in greater quantities than compost, since its nutrients are released at a rate that is suitable for growing plants.

Combine your purchase with a vermicomposter and save 33% off the regular price of worms!

Build your own vermicomposting bin and use our starter kit with all the items necessary for proper operation. See the kit here.

Double the amount of litter provided for a faster departure!

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