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Vermicompost (Worm castings) 20 lbs

Vermicompost (Worm castings) 20 lbs

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Live and concentrated fertilizer! May contain eggs and mini worms.

20 liters bags weighing about 22 lbs

Pick up yourself at MIRABEL 25$ each, 2 for 45$, 4 for 80$ 

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A high-performance organic fertilizer! Earthworm manure is a healthy, completely natural product and a fertilizer of very high quality. In particular, it has a high content of assimilable nitrogen, trace elements, organic matter as well as phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is a key nutrient for plant growth. The assimilable nitrogen can be directly absorbed by the roots and is therefore particularly suitable for starting seedlings, both indoors and outdoors. Earthworm manure contains a lot of it, which can quickly stimulate the growth of the stems and leaves of your plants without the risk of burning the roots. Trace elements are essential to the life and health of plants, humans and animals. They make up only 1% or less of the dry matter of plants, but their presence often determines the vitality and quality of plants. Earthworm manure is very rich in various trace elements. This diversity helps to create a balance that is essential to plant health. Under the action of water and soil bacteria, organic matter releases carbonic acid which has the power to disintegrate minerals from the soil and thus make them assimilable by plants. Phosphorus and potassium are somewhat less abundant than nitrogen in earthworm manure but they are present in a highly assimilable form.

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