Vermicomposteur Worm Factory 360 avec 4 tirroirs ** EN STOCK ** – VERS L'AVENIR

Worm Factory special exclusive VERMI-FUTURE edition with 4 trays (33% off on worms)

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Worm Factory Special VERMI-FUTURE Exclusive edition

Our exclusive Canadian version, specially selected accessories including:
Same excellent base product as the original Worm Factory 360 
4 trays, base with worm ladder, spigot and lid.

250g Coco coir, 1 full pound micro shredded cardboard
50g Pumice
100g Dust rock / Crushed Oyster shell  (PH Balance)
50g Diatomaceous earth
Scraper and rake kit
pack beneficial nematodes
3in1 meter Ladybug style (Humidity and PH)

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